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International flotilla awaits Burma go-ahead

It now appears that a combined American, French and British naval force comprised of amphibious ships, helicopters, landing craft and frigates is likely the West’s only option to deliver relief supplies into Burma. The plan may involve the naval forces delivering the aid close inshore and on the beaches where […]


History challenges uniformity in fleet structure and capability

In today’s Defence Watch by David Pugliese an unnamed Canadian naval officer laments that the lack of progress on naval construction and refitting will result in the navy being short on “major warships,” which he categories at destroyers and frigates, in the foreseeable future.  The officer says that delaying this […]


The Future of the CP-140s

During the past few months there has been increasing speculation that the project to upgrade the CP-140 Aurora (the Aurora Incremental Modernization Project or AIMP) would be terminated. The decision by government is expected on 20 Nov 2007. The Auroras were purchased in the early 1980’s and were optimised for […]


2007 Maritime Security Conference Report*

[* Moderator’s Note:  This article was originally published in the Summer 2007 (Vol. 3, No. 2) issue of Canadian Naval Review.] The 2007 Maritime Security Conference took place 14-16 June at Dalhousie University, drawing 120 delegates from around the world. Participants from Chile, India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and the […]