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Debating Defence and Naval Policy (VI)

David Perry: According to David Pugliese, Gordon O’Connor said that the defence strategy is not yet finished and it is inaccurate to claim the Conservatives are changing their views on the Arctic. “Defending Artic [sic] Sovereignty is part of Canada’s New Government’s Canada First Defence Strategy”. Pugliese explained that “In […]


Debating Defence and Naval Policy (V)

David Perry: Although the issue seemed quiet, on 2 February, The Ottawa Citizen published another article by David Pugliese, which laid out some of the facts and differing opinions on the government’s Arctic policy, specifically the security aspects of that policy. One contentious issue was the apparent government flip-flop on […]


Debating Defence and Naval Policy

For much of February 2007, a small group of academics that included serving and former naval officers engaged in an electronic debate on the future of Canada’s defence and naval policies. What follows is an attempt to gather up the key points of that debate in the hope that they […]