Colin Kenny

Not just for the Arctic

The problem with the ships Senator Kenny wants ‘axed’ is that they are not just ice-capable ships: they are a hybrid design for both arctic and offshore patrol work. Arctic operations require high endurance: lots of capacity for supplies plus hauling all waste by-products out again.  Fuel is an especially […]

Dumb and Slow?

Senator Colin Kenny’s remarks this week (as reported by Murray Brewster in the Toronto Star, “Tory Arctic ship plan should be sunk, replaced with real icebreakers: senator,” and Paul MacLeod in the Herald News, “Arctic patrol ships ‘dumb’,”) has raised a lot of interest in what capabilities are envisioned for […]

The ‘Royal’ name change: significant or merely symbolic?

A quick internal polling of the CFPS fellowship on the question posed in this article’s title resulted in a general consensus that the navy’s name change is appropriate but not especially significant.  The Canadian naval connection to the crown was not removed by dropping the ‘RCN’ name for the navy […]

What changes might their second term bring?

The election of a reinforced minority Conservative government might seem to indicate few changes in broad defence policy.  I expect, however, some minor alterations and some major new pressures. The greatest pressure may involve a need to divert tax dollars towards remedies for the current financial crisis although initial indications […]

The strange silence on neglect of strategic seaborne mobility

Dear Senator Kenny, Bravo Zulu on a plainspoken wake up call to Canadians. Jack Granatstein’s classics – “Who Killed Canadian History?” and “Who Killed the Canadian Military?” have fallen on essentially deaf ears, particularly where it counts in government. Let us hope yours and the work of the Senate on […]

Maritime Security Conference Explores Navy-Coast Guard Interoperability*

[* Moderator’s Note:  This article was originally published in the Summer 2008 (Vol. 4, No. 2) issue of Canadian Naval Review.] The 19th annual Maritime Security Conference took place at Dalhousie University 12-14 June, drawing 135 distinguished speakers and delegates. Participants from Canada, Norway, Britain and the United States examined […]

Re: Ottawa halts $1.6B upgrade of aging aircraft

The most recent article reporting on the state of Canada’s Aurora long-range patrol fleet appeared in the Toronto Star on 20 September in the form of a brief Canadian Press story confirming a CBC News report.  The gist of the article is that Ottawa “…has halted a $ 1.6-billion upgrade […]


Evacuating Canadian nationals?

A recent article on extracting nationals issued from the recent Dalhousie Maritime Conference. The DFAIT speaker, backed up by Heinz Goulish (Marine Insurance and Risk Management Expert UK), showed that the Canadian evacuation was even riskier than the article below implies. Indeed, only the Israeli Navy protected our evacuation effort […]


Robin Allan refers to the requirement as a “Big Honking Ship”. The term is somewhat overly generous. The projected full load displacement of the JSS is about 28,000 tons, about 3,000 tons greater than the new US Navy San Antonio-class LPD, about the same for the Spanish Navantia LHD design, […]

Just enough defence spending to keep them happy?

An article from the Sunday edition of the Ottawa Citizen by Colin Kenny, Chair of Senate Committee on National Security and Defence, “Stephen Harper is a toy soldier: Our gung-ho PM talks a good game on the military, but he is quietly selling out its future” provides a great synopsis […]