climate change

Canadian Forces preparing for uncertain future*

*Moderator’s Note: This article originally appeared in the Halifax Chronicle Herald on 07 January 2012.  It is reprinted here with the permission of the author. There are Canadians who delight in accusing our military leaders of only being able to fight the last war. Our generals and admirals, they tell […]

A new factor in the defence funding equation

The National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE) has issued a new report, entitled “Paying the Price: The Economic Impacts of Climate Change for Canada.” The report estimates climate change could cost Canada $5B by 2020, and this will rise to between $21B and $43B annually by […]

The danger of tactical thinking in times of strategic change*

*Moderator’s Note: This article was published previously as the editorial in the Spring 2011 issue of Canadian Naval Review (Vol. 7, No. 1), pp. 2-3. This article is rededicated to Dr. Peter Aucoin, colleague, mentor and friend, who passed away after it was first printed in Canadian Naval Review. “Change […]

“China warms to Arctic melting” by Lloyds List Comment*

*Moderator’s Note: Thanks to Dr. Aldo Chircop, CFPS Research Fellow, Professor of Law & Graduate Studies Coordinator Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University, who has recently returned from China, for bringing our attention to this article.  Originally posted by Lloyds List Comment on 2 March 2010. “China warms to Arctic […]

Who has the correct perception?

A poll conducted for the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute and by the Innovative Research Group, Inc., has turned up a very important change in public opinion about the threats to national vital interests. The poll was between 22 December 2009 and 4 January 2010. You can read a […]

The United States is ‘looking north’ too

The US Navy published a detailed report in October 2009 entitled The US Navy Arctic Roadmap.  This document is sponsored by an organization know as Task Force Climate Change which is headed by the Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy, Rear-Admiral David Titley. You can read the report here. The […]

Mixed messages from U.S. naval leaders on international relations

My Broadside of November 26, 2008 was based on the recently released U.S. National Intelligence Council publication Global Trends 2025. It foresees the diminution of U.S. global power and influence due to a combination of trends, events and the changing relative strengths of emerging countries, NGOs, and non state actors. […]

European Union announces a new maritime strategy for the 21st century

The European Union has announced a new maritime strategy that integrates all strands of power in the maritime sector.  Citing the fact that the seas provide the EU with five million jobs, food, and ways to move goods, it identifies the sea as a vital natural resource and a key […]

Should the navy return to the arctic?

Canada’s navy is on the cusp of yet another transformational moment. The government’s plan to build a modest fleet of arctic patrol vessels is clearly an invitation to the navy to adjust its thinking and embrace a new mission – in fact, it would be to re-embrace that mission because […]

If the Americans care about our arctic

This story should be a wake-up call for the Canadian policy makers that are still in the midst of fine-tuning the Canada First Defence Policy (CFDP). The influential Center for Naval Analyses cites climate change as a national security issue, and threat multiplier. Their recommendations: The national security consequences of […]