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Are we heading for another politically driven maritime fiasco?

As a Canadian citizen living in the US, I am appalled that the government of Canada would promote a concept for ‘defense’ of the Arctic that has no visible purpose! Delivery of as-yet not designed, prototype naval vessels with pop-gun armaments for gun-boat diplomacy, at some indeterminate time in the […]


Simulated talks show possible solution for Arctic dispute

The following National Post article is 98% reassuring for those who wish a rational, timely and effective Canadian government response to our Arctic challenges. The creation of a new Canadian-American “collaborative regime” in the Arctic makes nothing but sense. Simulated talks show possible solution for Arctic dispute U.S. and Canadian […]


A new naval capability?

The Canadian government’s commitment of ground forces in Afghanistan in offensive operations against the Taliban arguably represents a new willingness of the government to consider the employment/deployment of the Canadian military to shape proactively portions of the world landscape as opposed to waiting for the requirement to act in a […]


Debating Defence and Naval Policy (XXVII)

With all due respect I think you are overlooking a couple of key points. A “simple” ship is just that — a simple ship, able only to do simple tasks. The operational requirements (perhaps imperatives) of the north, based on the high probability that those waters will slowly open-up for […]