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Is A ‘Role Reversal’ Looming for the RCN in the Arctic?*

[*This article appeared originally in the February 2013 issue of Marine Matters.  It is reprinted here with the permission of the publisher.] It is an odd thing about Canada that, although the number of people who have lived, worked or travelled in the arctic region is probably below ten percent […]


What do quick changes to naval strategic and operational leadership mean?

The recent list of senior promotions and appointments from DND has prompted a flurry of comments about what it all ‘means’. Eleven flag-rank officers will retire and a series of 47 different appointments and promotions will result as candidates are shuffled and moved up.  As usual, the new appointments dominated […]


The dire threat of the Leslie Report to the navy

Retired Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie was on CBC radio’s The House on Saturday to speak about his view of problems with increased spending on ‘corporate services’ and ‘institutional overhead’.  You can hear the interview on-line here. Leslie continues to argue that the tactical units of the army must be maintained and […]


How well will Shearwater withstand the coming cuts?

The ‘Strategic and Operating Review’ underway in the Department of National Defence is primarily a cost-cutting exercise.  A message sent to DND and CF members on Friday, 5 August, under the signatures of Deputy Minister Fonberg and Chief of Defence Natynczyk, outlines two potential outcomes: reductions to meet at least […]