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NATO to adopt “a more a more extensive and flexible missile shield for Europe”

Several years ago Canada took the curious approach of rejecting participation in the North American version of Ballistic Missile Defence while supporting NATO having a BMD capability in Europe.  It will be interesting to see if Canada continues its NIMBYapproach at NATO’s Lisbon summit next month. Here are two excerpts […]


“A New Obama Maritime Strategy” by Prof. Tom Fedyszyn, USNWC*

Professor Tom Fedyszyn of the U.S. Naval War College has released a PowerPoint briefing, entitled “A New Obama Maritime Strategy,” that contains the professor’s views about how President Obama will approach maritime strategy, the roles of the U. S. navy, and the acquisition of new warships. The release of this […]


The admirals take the reins

Secretary of Defence Robert Gates announced his nominations for some of the top command positions in the U.S. military on Wednesday.  His recommendations indicate that he is pleased with the current ‘maritime direction’ embodied in the Maritime Strategy and that the naval approach to strategy and operations will indeed inform […]


Mixed messages from U.S. naval leaders on international relations

My Broadside of November 26, 2008 was based on the recently released U.S. National Intelligence Council publication Global Trends 2025. It foresees the diminution of U.S. global power and influence due to a combination of trends, events and the changing relative strengths of emerging countries, NGOs, and non state actors. […]


The Future of U.S. Global Dominance at Sea: An end to history?

The United States National Intelligence Council (NIC) has released its report entitled Global Trends 2025. The report foresees a world that is faced with ever increasing population and ever dwindling resources. It is also a world where the dominance of the United States of America continues to diminish as economic […]


Important supporting documents released

Two important documents have been released by defence authorities in the Unites States. The first is the Joint Operating Environment (JOE) produced by Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, Virginia. It provides an insight into their view of the anticipated future and the security challenges it will entail. The second is […]