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  • Editorial: Not for Sale: Trump, Greenland and Danish Naval Diplomacy - Tim Choi
  • Winner of 2019 CNMT Essay Contest: On the Rise of the Materialists and the Decline of Naval Thought in the RCN - Captain Hugues Canuel, RCN
  • China’s 2019 White Paper: Defence in the New Era - Joe Varner
  • Why the Absence of a Canadian Position on FONOPs? (Hint: Look North) - Adam P. MacDonald
  • How Does the RCN Prepare to Fight in Hypersonic Missile Environments? - Matthew Beaupré
  • Notes from the Field: A Firsthand Look at the CSC’s New Radar - Tim Choi
  • The Future of Canada’s Maritime Fleet in the Arctic - Peter Barron
  • The Challenges of Opening Arctic Waters to the World - Joshua Nelles
  • A View from the West: Interview with Dr. James Boutilier - Brett Witthoeft
  • Dollars and Sense: Slightly Delinquent: Canadian Defence Burden Sharing - Dave Perry
  • Warship Developments: Snippets - Doug Thomas
  • Editorial: A Perspective on Canada's Three Shipyard Decision - Elinor Sloan
  • Voyage of Xue Long in the Northwest Passage 2017 - Nigel Greenwood
  • Bolstering Community-Based Marine Capabilities in the Canadian Arctic - Peter Kikkert and P. Whitney Lackenbauer
  • China's Mahanian Arctic Ambitions: Second Thoughts - Adam Lajeunesse
  • A Surface Presence for the US Navy in the Arctic? - Troy J. Bouffard and Cameron D. Carlson
  • Putting Some Navy Back in the Royal Military College - Jim Carruthers
  • "Jam Yesterday and Jam Tomorrow, but Never Jam Today" - VAdm (ret'd) Sir Jeremy Blackham
  • Arctic Amphibious Capabilities for Canada? - Colonel (re't) Brian K. Wentzell
  • A View from the West: Strengthening the Indo-Japanese Partnership to Counter the Belt and Road Initiative - Bavneet Mand
  • Dollars and Sense: Stepping up in the Arctic - Dave Perry
  • Editorial: Innovation: Top Down or Bottom Up? - Colonel (ret'd) John Orr
  • Sailing to Byzantium: A Eulogy to the Sea King - Jeff Tasseron
  • Third Base: The Case for CFB Churchill - José Assis Giammaria
  • The Strategic Contribution of the Harry DeWolf Class to Canadian Defence and Security - Gaëlle Rivard Piché and LCdr James Brun
  • Canada Concludes Fourth Command of CTF 150 Interview with Commodore Darren Garnier
  • Sea Blindness and Australia's Second Sea - Brian K. Wentzell
  • Ships, Sailors and Pawns (crisis in Ukraine) - Ann Griffiths
  • 'Future-Proofing' the Type 26 Frigate - David Dunlop
  • China and Antarctica: A Lesson for Canada? - Brian K. Wentzell
  • A View from the West: Pirates of Venezuela and Worrying Parallels with Somalia - Francesca Guetchev
  • Dollars and Sense: Evaluating Justin Trudeau's Shipbuilding Record - Dave Perry
  • Warship Developments: Large Surface Combatants - Doug Thomas
  • Editorial: Trends and Themes in Maritime and Arctic Security and Safety - Dr. Andrea Charron
  • The Case for Canadian Naval Ballistic Missile Defence - Adam P. MacDonald
  • Mahan and Understanding the Future of Naval Competition in the Arctic Ocean - Rob Huebert
  • China’s Arctic Policy and its Potential Impact on Canada’s Arctic Security - Sherman Xiaogang Lai
  • Technology and Growth: The RCN during the Battle of the Atlantic - A/SLt L.J.W. Cole
  • Remembering Prime Minister Kim Campbell’s Lonely, Losing Battle to Replace the Sea Kings - Robert Smol
  • Are We Losing the North? Canadian Arctic Security and Sovereignty - David Dunlop
  • Response to “Understanding the Delusion” - Cdr RCN (Ret’d) Robert A. Rutherford, CD
  • Dollars and Sense: Canada is Making Real Procurement Progress, but Still Falling Short of Strong, Secure, Engaged - Dave Perry
  • Warship Developments: Snippets - Doug Thomas
  • Editorial: A Tilted Playing Field: Was the fix in for the CSC? - Dr. Ann Griffiths & Dr. Dan Middlemiss
  • Women and the Armed Forces: Inclusive policies and practices in Canada, Australia and New Zealand - Isabelle Caron and Sebastien Girard Lindsay
  • Operation Nanook: Purpose, Evolution and Future - Adam Lajeunesse
  • Review Article: The Decline of European Navies: Lessons for Canada? - Jeffrey Collins
  • Arctic Naval Patrol and the Refuelling Thereof - Cdr (ret'd) R.A. (Bob) Rutherford
  • Understanding the Delusion and the Reality Behind Canada's Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships - Robert Smol
  • Is it Time for a NATO Without the United States? - Pat Ambrose
  • From Paris with Love: The Egyptian Navy and the Mistrals - Mohammed Elgayar
  • Whither the Type 26? - Poseidon
  • View from the West: Assessing Maritime Threats from the Yemeni Civil War - Chris Chan
  • Dollars and Sense:Get Going with the Refresh of the National Shipbuilding Strategy - Dave Perry
  • Warship Developments: Museum Ships - Doug Thomas
  • Editorial: Canada, the National Security Threat? - Dr. Ann Griffiths
  • Naval Tactical Operations Group - LCdr Wil Lund and Lt(N) Jacob Killawee
  • Future Canadian Surface Combatant: The Best Option - David Dunlop
  • An East Coast Air Station: Shearwater 1918-2018 - Colonel (Ret'd) John L. Orr
  • The Importance of Naval Education for Flag Officer Development - VAdm (Ret'd) Nigel D. Brodeur
  • Canadian Naval Ship Design: Two Old Sailors Talk - Amphion
  • Comments on "'Amphibiosity,' 'Big Honking Ships' and Royal Canadian Marines" - Cdr R.A. Rutherford
  • Maritime Power Projection: A Challenge for the Australian Defence Forces - Brian K. Wentzell
  • Further Thoughts on Fleet Replenishment - Commander (Ret'd) R.A. Rutherford
  • The Navy has a Major Problem Attracting and Retaining Millennial-era Recruits - Ken Hansen
  • Battle of the Atlantic Gala Dinner 2018 - Tim Addison
  • Dollars and Sense: Arctic Futures - Dave Perry
  • Warship Developments: Hybrid Carriers - Doug Thomas
  • Editorial: Ready Aye Ready for a Changing Sea - Hugh Segal
  • The Naval Reserve: An Alternative Perspective - Cdr Dennis Witzke and Cdr Luc Tremblay
  • Strategic Canadian Amphibious Sealift Capability - David Dunlop
  • Strategic Maritime Planning and the Role of P&I Clubs - Heinz Gohlish
  • After the New Protecteur-Class, What Next? - Commander R.A. Rutherford
  • ‘Amphibiosity,’ ‘Big Honking Ships’ and Royal Canadian Marines: A Reassessment - Col (Ret’d) P.J. Williams
  • National Shipbuilding Strategy: Not Perfect, Not Broken - Howie Smith
  • New Funding Model for Veteran Charities - Dermod Coombs
  • The Mulroney Institute of Government is Launched at StFX with a Focus on Maritime Security - Adam Lajeunesse
  • A View from the West: India and the Quad: Balancing National Interests and Regional Realities - Jocelyn Sandhu
  • Dollars and Sense: How is the National Shipbuilding Strategy Going? - Dave Perry
  • Warship Developments: Snippets - Doug Thomas
  • Editorial: Xue Long and the Northwest Passage - Rob Huebert
  • China's Nascent Blue-Water Navy: Angling Towards a Grand Bargain over Maritime Rule - Adam P. MacDonald
  • Canada is Back - Via the Navy? - Dr. Ann Griffiths
  • The Gates of the Western Passage: Leveraging Migration Controls on Europe's Periphery - Andrew Bergel
  • The RCN Post Defence Policy Review: Headwinds or Tailwinds? - Hugh Segal
  • A Rational Approach to New Navy Ships - Pat Ambrose
  • Asymmetric Warfare Does Not Mean We Can Have Defence on the Cheap - VAdm (Ret'd) Sir Jeremy Blackham
  • Guarding Aagainst Engine Fires - Chloe Kay
  • Update to the Article "Sea Trials" - Jocelyn Sandhu
  • A View from the West: Naval Diplomacy in the Indo-Asia-Pacific Region - Daniel Baart
  • Dollars and Sense: Re-engaging in the Pacific with Helicopter Hangar Diplomacy - Dave Perry
  • Warship Developments: RCN Operational Support Ships - Doug Thomas
  • Editorial: Invisible Pirates and the Marine Industry - Dr. Ann Griffiths
  • How to Sink the Hermit Kingdom: Improving Maritime Sanctions against North Korea - Robert Huish
  • Naval Occupations and the RCN: A Complex Yet Necessary Restructuring - Cdr Luc Tremblay
  • The Kriegsmarine's Black Flag of Surrender and the Royal Canadian Navy - SLt Warren O. Bush
  • 2% is Not a Credible Policy… Or even a Policy - VAdml (Ret'd) Sir Jeremy Blackham
  • New Wings for the Fleet - Col Peter C. Allan
  • The Interim Fast Attack Tanker - Col (Retèd) John Orr
  • Strong, Secure, Engaged in Atlantic Africa - Brian Wentzell
  • The Heart of the Fleet: The Joint Support Ship Program - Brian Carter
  • Policy Debates 100 Years Later - Col (Ret'd) John Orr
  • Comment on the McCoy/Tulloch Article on a Canadian HA/DR Ship - Patrick Ambrose
  • Dollars and Sense: Strong Secure Engaged - Dave Perry
  • A View from the West: Sea Trials: The Benefits of Using Unclos to Settle Maritime Disputes - Jocelyn Sandhu
  • Warship Developments: The Canadian Surface Combatant - Doug Thomas
  • Editorial: The RCN's Forgotten War: The First World War - Richard Gimblett
  • Why Canada Needs a Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Ship - Kevin McCoy and Tom Tulloch
  • Deterrence is Not Only about Nuclear Weapons - VAdm Sir Jeremy Blackham
  • Dollars and Sense: The 2017 Defence Budget - Dave Perry
  • Comments on 'Submarines are Sunk Costs' by Michael Byers - Eric Lerhe
  • Ocean Patrol Corvettes for the RCN Now - David Longdale
  • Diminishing Numbers - Poseidon
  • Research and Development in Maritime Hybrid Warfare: It's in Canada's Interest - K. Joseph Spears
  • We need a Navy, Right? - Bob Edwards
  • A View from the West: Two Emerging Threats to Maritime Security: Climate Change and IUU Fishing - Diana Edwards
  • Warship Developments: Offshore Patrol Vessels - Doug Thomas
  • Editorial: Recapitalizing the Fleet - Eric Lerhe
  • Some Observations on Canada’s Experience Building Warships - Michael Hennessy
  • Assessing the Progress of Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy - Tom Ring
  • Building Canada’s Next Navy: Strategic Basis and Fleet Mix - Elinor Sloan
  • Canada’s Submarines are Sunk Costs - Michael Byers
  • The Navy’s Prospects in Trudeau’s Defence Policy Review - Dave Perry
  • The Need for Maritime Thinking and Sea Power - Peter Haynes
  • Capability and Capacity: All that Glitters is Not Gold - VAdm Sir Jeremy Blackham
  • Tweaking the Procurement Approach for the Canadian Surface Combatant - Capt Roger Chiasson
  • Dollars and Sense: Adjusting to Trump - Dave Perry
  • Warship Developments: Aircraft Carriers: Today’s Dreadnoughts? - Doug Thomas
  • Editorial: Foreign and Defence Policy Coherence: The Critical Naval Nexus - Hugh Segal
  • Watching the Arctic Ocean: Lessons from the Cold War - Adam Lajeunesse
  • The Emergence of Anti-Ship Missiles and the Implications for the RCN - Maj Ed Stokes
  • Operation Unifier: Canada’s Military Training Mission in Ukraine - Tim Dunne
  • Interview with VAdm Ron Lloyd - Dave Perry
  • The NSS: Alive and Well on Canada’s West Coast - Tim Page
  • You are Never Too Old (or Too Senior) to Learn - VAdm Sir Jeremy Blackham
  • Maritime Safety: The Dangers of Servicing - C.S.P. Hunter
  • Russia’s Missile Defence Dilemma - Debalina Ghoshal
  • Dollars and Sense: Decision Time for Defence - Dave Perry
  • A View from the West: Australian Shipbuilding: Addressing Indo-Pacific Concerns? - Diana Edwards
  • Warship Developments: Trends - Doug Thomas
  • Editorial: Whatever Happened to Piracy? - Ann Griffiths
  • Winner of 2016 CNMT Essay Competition: China as an Emerging Arctic Player - Adam P. MacDonald
  • Kept at Bay in Vancouver Bay - Daniel Demers
  • Readiness? Aye, Ready! In Conversation with RAdm John Newton - Andrea Lane
  • Taking the Long View of the Shipbuilding Programs - Ken Hansen
  • The ‘Rolls-Royce Destroyers’: Canada’s First Made-to-Order Warships - S.D. Campbell
  • Maybe, Just Maybe, They’re Serious - Cal Mofford
  • Energy Use and Conservation in the Marine Sector - Peter Haydon
  • Canadian Wren Recalls Attachment to Bletchley Park - Drew Tapley
  • Dollars and Sense: The Navy Actually is a Liberal Priority! - Dave Perry
  • A View from the West: China, Japan, and South Korea Look North - Diana Edwards
  • Warship Developments: Submarines Great and Small - Doug Thomas
  • Editorial: The Defence Review and Immutable Realities - Daniel Sing
  • Strategic Considerations for Canada’s Navy - Dr. Elinor Sloan
  • What Sort of Future RCN? - Dr. Norman Friedman
  • The New Defence Policy Needs to Focus on Procurement, Not Prose - Dr. Dave Perry
  • Why a Defence Review is Necessary and Why It will be Easy to Get it Wrong in the Arctic - Dr. Rob Huebert
  • The Royal Canadian Navy: The Ocean at our Gates - RAdm John Newton
  • Is ‘Maritime’ Still in the Future of Maritime Air? - Col (Ret’d) John Orr
  • Is There a ‘Made in Canada’ Premium for Building Warships? - Dr. Eric Lerhe
  • Canada and Modern Submarines - Peter T. Haydon
  • Australian Defence Strategy and the Defence White Paper 2016 - Brian K. Wentzell
  • Our Voice Matters - Cal Mofford
  • A View from the West: Because It’s 2016: Returning Canada to the Indo-Pacific Region - Brett Witthoeft
  • Warship Developments: How Big is ‘Big Enough’? - Doug Thomas
  • Editorial: 'Real Change' for the Canadian Navy? - VAdm Gary Garnett RCN (ret'd) and VAdm Ron Buck RCN (ret'd)
  • Enlarging Fleet, Expanding Mandate: China's Determination to Become a Maritime Power - Adam P. MacDonald
  • Implications for the Indian Ocean Region of the US 'Rebalance' to the Pacific - David R. Jones
  • A Systems Approach to Naval Crewing Analysis: Coping with Complexity - Renee Chow, Cdr Ramona Burke, LCdr Dennis Witzke
  • British Tradition as Canadian History in the Early Twentieth Century - Joe Desapio
  • The Suez Canal and the Egyptian Navy - Ramez Ebeid
  • China's Historic Use of Naval Power and What it Means for Today - K. Joe Varner
  • A View from the West: The Houseboat of Saud - Scott Bryce Aubrey
  • Dollars and Sense: Fixing the Procurement Process - Dave Perry
  • Warship Developments: Underway Support and Project Resolve - Doug Thomas

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