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Littoral Combat Ships: Stay-at-home Ships?

16 April 2018. Moderator. There was a very interesting article in USNI News, about the Littoral Combat Ships. Both varieties of the LCS are having troubles. The article says that none of these vessels will be deployed operationally in 2018. Due to delays, retrofitting requirements, maintenance, mishaps, testing, etc., the […]


Doing More With Less, USN-style

The Canadian navy has been asked to do more with less at least since the 1990s – and probably since the beginning. Tasks get added while ships get retired – although this may change when the new ships join the fleet in a few years. The navy is known for […]


What’s up with the USN?

What’s up with the USN? Two major collisions in the last two months, with a total of 17 sailors dead.  Both collisions occurred in Asia in busy areas for traffic – USS Fitzgerald near Tokyo, and USS John S. McCain near Singapore. Obviously high traffic areas are tricky, and thus […]


Even USN faces budget shortfalls!

As a candidate and as President, Donald Trump promised to build a 350-ship US Navy from the current 275-ship navy. Was that ever a realistic goal? Naval leaders called for a steady build to just over 300 ships in the next 20 years. But political declarations and naval aspirations eventually […]