New Security Environment

Close encounters with Iran show need for rules of behavior: U.S. Navy 1

In recent months there have been several close encounters between the US Navy and Iranian Navy vessels in the Gulf. These tense encounters point to the need for Iran and the United States to agree to rules of behaviour to avoid miscalculations and escalations. An agreement could be similar to the Incidents at Sea Agreement signed […]

Understanding Russia’s Proxy War in Eastern Ukraine*

*Moderator’s Note: This excerpt is part of a longer article published by the Centre for Security Governance on their website Security Sector Reform – Resource Centre. It is reprinted here in part with the permission of the author. You can read the full article here or via a link on […]

Statement on Omar Khadr

Omar Khadr is free at last on bail. The treatment of Omar Khadr as a terrorist and not as a child soldier was wrong. Despite the efforts of many concerned Canadians, human rights advocates and child protection experts, Omar continued to languish in prison cell after prison cell. Yesterday, the […]

Facing up to Terror and Aggression: Hugh Segal addresses the International Churchill Society Canada

The International Churchill Society (ICS) serves to make history relevant around the world. Persons with similar beliefs and guiding principles around democracy, honesty and freedom of the individual in society come together. They recall moments of contemporary history when individual freedom and national values were threatened. Building on a foundation […]

The Universal Ceremonial Soldier*

[*Moderator’s Note: This post was written early on 11 November as Remembrance Day events were commencing.] The duties performed by ceremonial guards tie the history of the nation to its modern day society. Rarely do such roles include the use of live ammunition. Ceremonial guards provide us with a reminder […]

Terrorism in Canada: The end of complacency and the advent of reality

Being engaged in maritime security journalism, I have heard military and law enforcement professionals complain that Canadians are ‘too complacent’ about terrorist threats. Images of the Nation’s Capital under lockdown and gun shots shattering the halls of Parliament must lead to Canadians accepting that terrorism can happen in Canada. I […]

Internet: the soft underbelly of cyber security*

Moderator’s Note: This article was originally published in the Halifax Chronicle Herald.  It is reprinted here with the permission of the author. The Internet is critical to Canadian commerce and to federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments. The federal government alone offers more than 130 commonly used services online, including […]

Gated Cities: Nairobi, Mumbai and Matt Damon’s Elysium*

One month after discussing the relationship between Canada’s National Security and healthy communities I visited Nairobi and Mumbai affording frontline views of living with the war against global terrorism in contrast to Canada’s community peace of mind (CPOM). My Nairobi taxi driver said it is a thirty-minute drive from the […]

Protecting the rights of children suspected of piracy: Industry initiative looks to incorporate children’s rights into anti-piracy guidelines*

Moves to incorporate the rights of detained Somali children suspected of working with pirate groups into ship security standards, have received a cautious response. Canada’s Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative is spearheading the move, in discussion with the shipping and maritime security industries (see IHS Maritime Fairplay, 6 June 2013). […]

Is there a relationship between Canada’s national security and healthy communities?

A review of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway’s Maritime Security Operations Centre (MSOC) shows how it serves as a bridge between the ‘navy on patrol’ and the ‘police on the beat’. Offshore threats, like transnational organized crime and global acts of violence, are influencing relationships between national security […]