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The Delisle Spy Case and its larger implications for the navy

Dan Leger, writing as a freelance journalist, has an article entitled “Delisle case: We need accountability over expedience,” in the ‘Opinions’ section of the 29 October issue of the Halifax Herald. He asks probing questions about how a such “weak link” like Sub-Lt. Jeffrey Paul Delisle got into the navy’s […]


Army theory and naval practice seldom meet in amphibious operations*

*Moderators Note: This post is extracted from an article published in the ‘Views and Opinions’ section of Canadian Military Journal (Summer 2007): 79-80.  You can read the original article here. The idea of acquiring large amphibious ships for the Canadian military is based on the assumption that only a ship […]


A riposte to Ian Parker’s comment on naval force development

Ian Parker’s response above is well intentioned I’m sure, but he simply seems to be a bit hurt by the truth. It may disappoint him to discover that the comment “the navy… usually acquires a platform and then designs capabilities for it” is not of my own making but was […]


Army versus Navy Capability Planning

In a recent exchange on the Security and Defence Forum Policy Discussion Board concerning Army Transformation, found here (under the “Books and Publications” heading in the Canadian Defence Policy Forum) Major Andrew Godefroy commented with the following: Army Transformation is not a project. Transformation itself is an event that can […]