Naval Policy

Australia’s 2016 Defence White Paper 2

As Canada readies for a new defence review, Australia has just released its long-awaited Defence White Paper, along with an Integrated Investment Program as well as a Defence Industry Policy Statement (available here along with associated documents). Unsurprisingly for an island continent, the White Paper is centred around a maritime-based […]

RAF fighters ‘bound for Japan for first time in decades’ as UK builds military ties – And Canada?

This Telegraph article leads with:             “Britain is considering sending fighter jets to Japan for the first time in decades for joint combat exercises in the country, amid heightened tension in the region over China’s territorial claims. The announcement of closer military ties with Tokyo came as the Foreign Secretary […]

More criticism ‘surfaces’ of Byers-Webb report on submarines

Readers of this forum will know my critical position on the report “That Sinking Feeling” by Prof. Michael Byers and Mr. Stewart Webb. After serving as the lead writer for the MSPP Research Team report, published in this forum on 15 June, I wrote a fuller analysis of the Byers-Webb […]

Analysis of “Shipbuilding contract holds $250M mystery” by Terry Milewski

Mr. Milewski’s underlying assumption in the article is stated in his byline: “Cost of Arctic patrol ships’ design sparks warning of another procurement ‘fiasco.’ ”  The facts offered in support of the article by the CBC include: Ottawa will pay Irving Shipbuilding $288 million just to design — not build […]

Our navy, Our country

The fall out of the recent federal election, amidst the worldwide economic swirl, opens an opportunity for the Canadian government to invest in Canadian jobs and Canadian technology through Canada’s navy building sustainable long-term employment and, at the same time, increase Canada’s overall security and ability to execute a robust […]

What changes might their second term bring?

The election of a reinforced minority Conservative government might seem to indicate few changes in broad defence policy.  I expect, however, some minor alterations and some major new pressures. The greatest pressure may involve a need to divert tax dollars towards remedies for the current financial crisis although initial indications […]

CF and navy must be prepared to fight for priority

For what it is worth, it seems that we are destined to have a number of years of minority government.  Sometimes that could be good; however, when the U.S. (and indeed world) economy is central and driving the political scene, one can expect government spending that is focussed on minimizing […]

A reply to ‘Amphion’

Amphion is not the only naval personage musing about the future of the Canadian naval fleet. His comments are serious food for thought as innovative choices and decisions are required to meet the challenges created by the sovereign players and less than sovereign forces in the ever more competitive world. […]

The key to flexibility is in building logistical capacity

 While I agree with Brian Wentzell that our nation needs flexible forces, and that the public should insist that the government provide for them, I cannot agree with his characterization of Canadian army and air force operations in Central Europe during the Cold War as expeditionary.  If the origins of […]

Can current resources accommodate both Afghanistan operations and a “Canada First” Defence Policy?

My initial reaction to the question raised by Eugene Lang, former chief of staff to Liberal Defence Ministers John McCallum and Bill Graham, who raised a question in their article in The Globe and Mail, entitled “Canada’s Military is Broke … Again,” about whether Canada has one to many defence […]