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Reading Lists for Military Leaders

Every year senior leaders in the United States Navy release a recommended reading list. This, like many other military reading lists, is a mix of classic literature and new entries. For example, the 2017 list ( includes both Mahan’s book The Influence of Sea Power Upon History and P.W. Singer […]


A Response to Ken Hansen

I would not want to discourage the Canadian Forces, and indeed the Canadian population in general, from studying and understanding the maritime environment in the round. However, as an academic who remembers the days of a Commodore in the post of Commandant at The Royal Military College of Canada, upon […]


Service expertise is integral to effective joint education

I agree with my former colleague Ken Hansen that Canada has made a mistake in moving to a fully joint programme with the Command and Staff Course at the Canadian Forces College.  I arrived at the college in 2001 as a sceptic but rapidly became convinced of the need to […]


Is Canada out-of-step with the United Kingdom and United States?

The launching of a new maritime studies centre (The Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy Studies) within the Joint Services Command and Staff College, at Shrivenham in Wiltshire, is a fascinating development.  Just at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto is deleting the Maritime Component Programme (as well as the Land […]