China’s Maritime Power

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Submarine Races in Asia

6 November 2018. The news out of Asia is always interesting. But from a naval perspective, it’s particularly interesting. There are multiple states spending huge sums to update their navies, illustrating what everyone has been saying – that in terms of possible future conflict, the Asia-Pacific region is a maritime theatre. […]


South China Sea Dispute

Another useful article on the South China Sea dispute. The SCS continues to be a potential hot spot as long as China presses its claims. The issue, as noted before, is if Canada has vested interests in the dispute particularly if the TPP is ratified. The Diplomat:


China reveals plans to ship cargo across Canada’s Northwest Passage

As Yogi used to say, ‘Deja vu all over again!’ As in the late 1980s, the strategic importance of the Arctic rises to near the top of our national concerns. By far the greatest part of that concern should be for accident prevention in those waters closely followed by rescue […]


U.S. patrol sought to avoid provocation, not reinforce China island claim: officials | Reuters

The following Reuter’s article sheds some welcome light on the complexity of the South China Seas legal regime and the US Navy’s freedom of navigation operations there. This is needed as there is a willingness to throw terms like “innocent passage” around with making clear what it implies.  This article […]


The East China Sea ADIZ: New Flashpoint in Regional Maritime Security*

*RSIS Commentary No. 218/2013 is reprinted here with editorial permission. Synopsis: Regional maritime territorial disputes have expanded beyond the surface of the seas into the airspace above them, marking a significant enlargement of the theatre of conflict. Why has China established the East China Sea (ECS) Air Defence Identification Zone […]


Chinese Military Growth

Military power is a difficult subject, especially when it comes to discussing the potential power of other countries. China has made news over the past few years for their rapidly expanding military force, and has compiled a shocking list of facts regarding the Chinese military, and created a surprising […]