Canada First Defence Strategy

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Problems with Naval Ship Procurement?

Radio Canada’s le téléjournal ran an investigative report Tuesday and Wednesday on naval ship procurement.  The opposition parties are claiming that government incompetence could lead to massive overspending under the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.  The Radio Canada report uses the Joint Support Ship (JSS) project as an example to assert […]


The Foundations of the ‘Canada First’ Strategy Crumble Away

The Federal Auditor General’s Fall Report for 2012 has an especially important section in Chapter 5, which is entitled “Real Property – National Defence.”  The Auditor General (AG) states very clearly the importance of this issue: “Real property infrastructure is essential to the Canadian Forces’ ability to undertake core missions […]


This is no time to hesitate – Act!

If we keep on dithering with Arctic Ocean policy, it will be the ‘Arctic Desert’ before the academics, politicians, military and bureaucrats get anything done – and by then it will be too late to do anything. Clearly we need to establish our footprint on, over and under the Canadian […]


An American report recommends radical reform to build collaborative capabilities

A ‘blue ribbon’ panel in the United States has just released a major report on national security reform.  The report can be viewed at this link. Entitled “Ensuring Security in an Unpredictable World: The Urgent Need for National Security Reform,” the report will inform American security and defence policy for […]


Where are the naval helicopters?

Amid all of the discussions and commentaries about the defence policy announcement, something has been overlooked.  Neither in the speeches nor in the Backgrounders was there any mention of the CH-148 Cyclone helicopters (known in the U.S. as the H-92 Superhawk).  While all other equipment programmes, both actual and intended, […]


Canada 1st: strategic defence management?

Dave Perry has supplied a superb analysis of the Canada First Defence Strategy or CFDS. I particularly support his conclusion “The defence strategy is therefore competent, long term planning, devoid of any exciting new promises that might attract criticism for outlandish spending plans and un-needed equipment.” The strategy itself correctly […]