Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship

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Arctic Patrol Vessel Approved

According to the Ottawa Citizen, Cabinet recently approved the purchase of 6 Arctic Patrol Vessels, at a total estimated cost of $1.8 Billion. As Dr. Rob Huebert is quoted in this article, this purchase will be worthwhile when the Coast Guard has its icebreaking capability restored. So far, no word […]


Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships (II)

Sirs: The modern day Canadian Navy has no experience in Canadian Artic waters and has not operated an icebreaker in almost a half century. Furthermore if you think a gun boat will solve your problems you are mistaken. You should analyse the reasons other countries have naval vessel vessels on […]


Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships

(The conclusions, deductions and opinions expressed are those of the originator and are not to be construed as official policy of the Canadian Forces.) The government believes that more emphasis on defence of our northern territory is essential, including (as stated in their last election platform’s defence policy) the acquisition […]