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Budget Fluctuations and Military Capability

An interesting study was just published by Canadian Global Affairs Institute (CGAI) by Ross Fetterly. Governments are always tempted to slice bits off various departmental budgets to cut costs. But, as this article shows for the Department of National Defence, this can actually mean very little cost savings, and yet […]


The Ongoing LM/BAE Type 26 CSC Frigate Saga

The awarding of a contract for a new fleet of Canadian warships moved one step closer to reality after the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) rejected a complaint from one of the company bidders, Alion. Alion had stated that the process was flawed, arguing that BAE’s Type 26 will not […]


Shipbuilding in Canada and Australia

20 January 2019. It’s not hard to see similarities between Canada and Australia. Both are former British colonies with a system of government inherited from the British, both are big countries that are sparsely populated and both have abundant natural resources which contribute to national wealth. And to get even […]


Use of Mexeflote Rafts?

27 November 2018. ABCO Industries of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, is building a 12 metre landing craft for each of the six AOPS — a landing craft to provide a ship-to-shore connection. A Mexeflote powered raft (20X7m) is a ship-to-shore connector with a 60,000 kg payload. An AOPS has space for […]


Submarine Races in Asia

6 November 2018. The news out of Asia is always interesting. But from a naval perspective, it’s particularly interesting. There are multiple states spending huge sums to update their navies, illustrating what everyone has been saying – that in terms of possible future conflict, the Asia-Pacific region is a maritime theatre. […]


Canada Selects LM/BAE Type 26 Frigate – Or Has It?

22 October 2018. Canada has announced that it has chosen the Lockheed Martin (LM) Type 26 warship design by British defence firm BAE to replace the Royal Canadian Navy’s Halifax-class frigates. A group of companies led by the multi-national defence giant Lockheed Martin has just been selected as the preferred designer […]