Broadsides Submission Guidelines

All authors must identify themselves in their submissions, and may provide a pen name or indicate that initials should be used if they desire to be anonymous. The forum moderator will protect the author's rights to privacy and will uphold the editorial policy.

Contributors are encouraged to submit articles of up to 1,250 words. Longer commentaries of up to 2,500 words will also be considered and may be published at the discretion of the moderator as part of this forum or under the Maritime Security Policy Program Working Papers. Articles of more than 2,500 words will either be forwarded to the editor of Canadian Naval Review.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit comments for relevance as well as eliminate acronyms and jargon, in an effort to make the discussion publicly accessible. Should comments, either supportive or negative, be viewed as excessively personal or objectionable, they will not be published. The Editorial Board retains the right to publish excerpts from Broadsides in the print version of the Journal.

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