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Have you thought about your submission to the 2019 Canadian Naval Memorial Trust Essay Competition yet?  If not, it’s time to start thinking.  We’re looking for essays about navies, Canadian naval history, maritime capabilities, maritime threats and challenges, and oceans. The deadline is 30 September. The prize is $1,000. We […]


Budget Fluctuations and Military Capability

An interesting study was just published by Canadian Global Affairs Institute (CGAI) by Ross Fetterly. Governments are always tempted to slice bits off various departmental budgets to cut costs. But, as this article shows for the Department of National Defence, this can actually mean very little cost savings, and yet […]


Shipbuilding in Canada and Australia

20 January 2019. It’s not hard to see similarities between Canada and Australia. Both are former British colonies with a system of government inherited from the British, both are big countries that are sparsely populated and both have abundant natural resources which contribute to national wealth. And to get even […]