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The British government announced that the first of the Royal Navy's Type 26 frigates will be laid down within the month after an order was placed and contract signed with BAE Systems to deliver the first batch of global combat ships. They will be the first three of eight vessels to replace the same number of Type 23 frigates currently in service. The ships will be built at the BAE Systems facility in Scotland. These warships will specialize in anti-submarine warfare, and will protect the UK's nuclear deterrent and the RN's new aircraft carriers. They will also have a flexible design that will allow the capabilities to be adapted throughout their lifespan to meet new threats that arise in the future.

See “Multi-billion pound deal signed for first three new Type 26 frigates,”


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    The Type 26 Frigate is simply the best fit for Canada’s Main Fleet Navy. This ship exceeds Canada’s high-level requirements, and will be deployable worldwide for extended periods, undertaking a wide range of roles from high intensity conflict to humanitarian assistance, including anti-submarine warfare and air defence. The Type 26 is flexible, versatile and highly survivable with an extremely low acoustic signature. It meets all Canadian requirements and accommodates Canada-specific modular design sub-systems and open systems architecture. The same features will minimize ownership costs and facilitate Canadian industry playing a major role in through-life support and upgrades, delivering long term economic benefit to Canada. It’s low acoustic signature, crucial in evading detection from submarines, will translate into safety and survivability of the crew, and the ability of the ship to successfully complete its mission. No other ship design compares for Canada’s requirements, including the FREMM Class and the German Type 125/MKS 180. The Type 26 CSC is the right solution for Canada.