Protecting Soft Targets from Terrorist Attacks

Dr Anthony Bergin, a senior research fellow at the ANU National Security College, and senior analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), wrote a paper entitled “Protecting Crowded Places from Terror: Australia Needs to Step up its Security Efforts to Make Future Events Safer,” which was published by the Asia and the Pacific Policy Society (APPS) at the end of May. In it he examines how you can protect public spaces and mass gatherings from terrorist attacks. The sorts of attacks we’ve seen recently in the West won’t be going away, and indeed may increase in the future, particularly as the Islamic State loses territory in Syria and Iraq. This leads us – once again – to consider how to protect the freedom we enjoy in the West while still protecting soft targets from attack. There is no such thing as absolute security, but the risks need to be minimized. The question is how! The article can be found at


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