Mikhail Gorbachev: Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump Arms Race | Time.com

27 Jan 2017. This article may not be strictly naval and Mr. Gorbachev may not be a world leader now but what he writes is food for thought. Naval strategies are derived from national foreign and domestic security policies, central to which are (or should be) prudent risk assessments. The question policy-makers should be asking themselves is, "Is the foreign policy rhetoric over Eastern Europe and the South China Sea  becoming over-heated and are the military deployments in those areas, albeit in the interests of supporting foreign policy, excessive?" In his article, Mr. Gorbachev draws on history and its lessons as guidance for today's world leaders and policy-makers, but he doesn't go far enough back in time to draw on the lessons that come from 20th-century history when states took themselves to the brink of war and beyond far too many times. This thought leads to an important question, "Do today's leaders and policy-makers know world history well enough to be able to understand the value of the lessons which come from that history?



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