In pictures: Solar Impulse 2’s epic round-the-world voyage – BBC News

Amazing accomplishment but at what cost and with what future? Those questions posed, we must realize that such innovative ideas and making them a functioning reality are perhaps the beginning of a new technological revolution. In terms of naval operations, the linkages may be hard to grasp at the moment but they will eventually become clear. The post-WWII quasi-revolution in ASW driven, in large part, by the quest to counter perceptions of a rapid growth in Soviet fast submarine technology as a result of their acquire the German technology of the Type XXI and XXIII U-Boats is one example of what can be done given the right incentives. The next generation of naval technologies has already been born and is becoming more widespread not just in new weapons and sensors but also in hull design and, importantly, in propulsion systems. What the non-naval world has to understand is that the new naval technologies will have extensive application to the maritime world as a whole.


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