Jericho Rescue: A Case for Community Collaboration

CNR, Vol. 11, No. 2 (2015)

Jericho Sailing Centre Association (JSCA) has had an influence on the boating community off Vancouver since it was formed in the 1970s. Christopher Stairs argues that Jericho Rescue, which is part of JSCA, provides an enduring model of inclusiveness and collaboration within western Canada’s network of maritime search and rescue (SAR) responders. With a consistent on-water presence, it protects the recreational users of English Bay waters, and as Stairs notes, contributes an essential safety net for water enthusiasts. Jericho Rescue holds marine safety education courses, and when accidents/emergencies happen it often serves as the ‘vessel of opportunity’ for distress calls involving members of the public throughout Vancouver’s harbour approaches. In 2014, Jericho Rescue recorded a total of 239 mariner rescues in its operational logs. Stairs concludes that the partnership that has grown out of relationships with the CCG, VPD Marine Unit, RCM-SAR, Vancouver Beach Lifeguards, Port Authority and other related agencies provides a good model of collaboration and inclusiveness in a busy harbour.

Christopher W. Stairs is President of the Board of Directors of Jericho Sailing Centre Association.

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