New Issue of Canadian Naval Review

The spring issue of Canadian Naval Review (Volume 11, Number 1) will be out in the next few weeks. Once again we’ve got an exciting line-up of articles and commentaries. Here is a taste of what’s to come. Former Senator Hugh Segal has written the Editorial for this issue. There is an article which discusses the Russian Federation Navy, and the implications for the West of recent changes to its policy and capability. We’re very pleased to have an article that talks about the updates to the Aurora long-range patrol aircraft, and how these updates affect the role of the Auroras in the Middle East. As well, we have an article and several commentaries about Canadian submarines and military procurement – which are always interesting topics. And, of course, we have our regular columns. Check out the issue for yourself. And don’t forget to get a subscription, or become a sponsor or patron.

Table of Contents
Volume 11, No. 1 (2015)

Editorial: Time for Genuine Engagement - Hugh Segal

The Russian Federation Navy Post-2015: Implications for Western Navies - David Rudd
Changing with the Times: The Evolution of Canada’s CP-140 Aurora - Colonel Iain Huddleston
Future Canadian Submarine Capability: Some Considerations - Norman Jolin - Enhancing Maritime Law Enforcement in the Pacific - Stanley Byron Weeks

Making Waves
Polar Ice Operations: What It Takes – Captain David (Duke) Snider
Better is the Enemy of Good Enough – Steven Knowles
Submarines, Love Them or Hate Them – Peter T. Haydon

A View from the West: Indonesia at a Maritime Crossroads - Brett Witthoeft
Dollars and Sense: Improving Defence Procurement - Dave Perry
Warship Developments: Why Such Delays and Prognostication? - Doug Thomas
Book Reviews