Preview of the Spring 2014 Issue of CNR

Here’s an excerpt from the next Editorial: “War and Economics: The Real Threat to the Canadian Navy.”

The impact of two powerful events have placed the navy in a difficult position. Neither is maritime specific and neither originates in Canada but both combine to challenge the future of the Canadian Navy. The first is the Afghanistan War and the second is the 2008 economic crisis. ... The war in Afghanistan proved that the Canadian Forces need the ability to move quickly and with little notice to support allies and to counter threats to Canadian security. The economic crisis of 2008 demonstrated how dependent Canada is on the economic well being of its trading partners. The fact that we have had a crisis in both national security and economic security underlines the need for a modern, robust and capable Canadian Navy that can play a vital role if this happens in the future. But the impact of these two events means that the Canadian Navy faces severe challenges to getting all or even part of what it needs. The loss of Protecteur and the difficulty procuring its replacement underline the challenges for the future of the navy – just when we will need it the most.

Dr. Rob Huebert, University of Calgary


Here’s an outline of what you could be reading in the Spring issue.

Selected Table of Contents

War and Economics: The Real Threat to the Canadian Navy
Rob Huebert

Main Articles
Crewing Strategies for the Royal Canadian Navy’s Future Ships
Commander Ian D.H. Wood

The Ocean Tracking Network
Fred Whoriskey and Nikki Beauchamp

The Battle of the Indian Ocean 2039?
Major (Retired) Roy Thomas

Navigating the NSPS: A Case for the JSS and Hybrid Coastal Vessels
Andrew Harmes

A National Strategy for Maritime Security of the Undersea Domain
Commander David Finch

Making Waves

The Worst Procurement in the History of Canada?
John L. Orr

Three Lessons for China from Crimea
Ken Hansen

A View from the West
Illegal Fishing in West Africa: A Symptom of a Wider Problem
Jacquie Brower-Berkhoven

Dollars and Sense
The Impact of Budget 2014
Dave Perry

Battle of Atlantic Place
Ted Kelly

And much more ....

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