The next issue of Canadian Naval Review is on its way!

The Winter 2014 (Vol. 9, No. 4) issue of CNR is at the graphic designers and will be printed in early February. We’re very excited to present our fourth theme issue – this time focusing on the Asia-Pacific region. We have interesting articles discussing the navies of Japan and India and their perspectives on China and maritime security in the region. We also have an article examining whether an incidents at sea agreement between China and the United States would be useful to avoid escalation of an incident or accident between US Navy and PLAN naval forces at sea. The final article is about the realities of a Canadian Pacific pivot. A highlight is the commentary written by former Canadian Ambassador to China, David Mulroney.

Here’s an outline of what you could be reading in the Winter issue. You don’t want to miss any of these articles. Get your subscription now.


•     Standing into Danger: Trouble in Asian Waters, by Dr. James Boutilier

Feature Articles

•     “The Indian Navy: On a Collision Course with China?” By Paul Pryce

•     “Japan’s New Southern Strategy” by Corey Wallace

•     “Breaking News: Incidents at Sea did not End with the Cold War!” by David F. Winkler

•     “A Canadian Naval Turn to the Pacific? Beyond Rebalancing the Fleet” by Adam P. MacDonald

Columns and Commentaries

•     “From Good Beginnings” by Janet Thorsteinson

•     “Dollars and Sense: The Pacific Pivot in Context” by Dave Perry

•     “Warship Developments: A Tale of Two Carriers” by Doug Thomas

Making Waves

•     “Dealing with an Assertive China (by Learning the Lessons of Afghanistan)” by Ambassador David Mulroney

•     “Pacific Naval Operations” by Ken Hansen

•     “Sending Signals: Canada Needs to Get Serious about Asia-Pacific” by David A. Beitelman

•     “Boom and Bust: An Opportunity?” by Timothy Choi

Book Reviews