A look inside the next issue of Canadian Naval Review

The contents for the fall issue of Canadian Naval Review (Vol. 9, No. 3) have now been finalized. We’re pleased to start the fall issue with the winning essay of the 2013 Bruce S. Oland Essay Competition. An interview with the new Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy examines the opportunities and challenges facing the navy of the present while Peter Haydon examines the challenges from the era of Defence Minister Paul Hellyer. Another article examines the French approach to maritime security, and commentaries discuss the need for industrial participation in planning for the future, and the US Coast Guard’s use of Game Theory to make operational planning more effective.

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Here’s an outline of what you could be reading in the fall issue:


  • “Rebuilding the Navy: Challenges, Dangers and Opportunities’ by Dr. Rob Huebert

Feature Articles:

  • 2013 Bruce S. Oland Prize winner – “The Ice Has Ears” by Adam Lajeunesse and Bill Carruthers
  • “An Interview with Vice-Admiral Mark Norman” by Dave Perry
  • “Trying to Do Things Differently: Paul Hellyer’s Quest for a Canadian Amphibious Capability” by Peter Haydon
  • “Escale à Cherbourg: The French Approach to Maritime Security” by Cdr. Hugues Canuel

Columns and Commentaries

  • Industrial Participation Planning” by Janet Thorsteinson
  • “USCG Use of Game Theory for Maritime Security Operations” by Lt. Elizabeth Denicola, USCG, et al
  • A View from the West: “Japan’s Rebalance to Asia” by Brett Witthoeft
  • Dollars and Sense: “Naval In-Service Support” by Dave Perry
  • Warship Developments: “Missions Other Than War” by Doug Thomas
  • “Is it a Pacific Pivot or a Canadian Presence in the Pacific Rim?” by Brian Wentzell
  • “A Comment on Eric Lerhe’s Editorial” by David B. Collins
  • “Outsourcing Defence Procurement: A Choice between Scylla and Charybdis?” by Sven Tommi Rebien
  • “Protection of the Term ‘Officer’” by Jon Dziadyk