2011 Green Party election platform*

*Moderator’s Note:  This material is from a document entitled Smart Economy. Strong Communities.  True Democracy., which is available at this URL: http://greenparty.ca/files/attachments/green-book-2011-en.pdf]

Global action on global problems.

Strengthen and enforce decisions made in the 2010 climate negotiations (COP16) to bring in the urgent and aggressive measures required globally to avoid catastrophic climate impacts and adjust and adapt to impacts we can no longer avoid.

Contribute to a peaceful solution in Afghanistan.

Refocus the Canadian mission in Afghanistan to poverty alleviation and development, strengthening governance and civil society institutions, and supporting the training and development of the Afghan military and police force, particularly in the area of upholding and protecting human rights.

Budget Detail (All totals in $Millions)

Reduce military spending to 2005 spending ratio and reorient to peacekeeping

[FY]                 [Amount]

2011-12            -$3,275M

2012-13           -$3,083M

2013-14            -$2,615M