Comments about purpose and roles

I was surprised that David Perry’s commentary “The New Marine Commando Regiment” didn’t cover several policy ideas being kicked around within several riding associations. The purpose of such a regiment is to fulfil two roles:

First - the development of expeditionary forces is to protect Canada’s national security and economic interests; and

Second - they are to serve as a core to convert a brigade or two as Maritime Command’s ‘private little army’ in relation to number.

Of course one could scoff at such suggestion, but given that many economic interests lay outside of Canada – for example: Jamaica with its bauxite; oil and natural gas from the Middle East and/or Nigeria; and the expanding fleet of ships carrying potash for the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, or wheat and other goods being exported from Canada – it would be necessary to protect them and, if necessary, stop any state that attempts to impede the furtherance of our interests.

Hope this helps to clear things up. Or muddy the waters...