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Australia’s New Defence Policy: A ‘Hedging Policy’ against unacceptable risks

It is interesting to see the global reaction to both the Australian White Paper (WP) and our 45% troop increase for Afghanistan. We are one of the few countries that accept that Defence, unfortunately, is a zero sum game and that on the risk management chart low likelihood (state based conflict) + […]


Australia’s New Defence Policy: Defence or Offence?

Australia’s new Defence White Paper was issued at the beginning of May – and the RAN was the big winner. Press reports describe it as “the most dramatic build-up of naval power since World War II, predicated on the belief that the rise of China heralds significant long-term strategic risks […]


Some analysis on hypothetical marine force plans

David Perry’s article, the only one under this discussion topic up until today, remains the most read on the Broadsides forum.  In April, Perry’s article set a new mark for popularity by being read by 314 different visitors to the website.  Normally, the most-read article would record 50 to 60 […]


Hostage Taking Off the Horn

A revealing story was published recently by Spiegel Online that detailed the aborted attempt of an elite group of German GSG-9 police to take back the German container ship, MV Hansa Stavenger, which had been hijacked by Somali pirates.  You can read the lengthy piece of investigative journalism for yourself […]


Chinese Aircraft Carriers? – Let Them Have Them*

*Moderator’s Note:  This article is reprinted with the permission of the author.  It appeared first on CSIS’s The Pacific Forum on 4 May as “PacNet Number 32.”  The original website can be found at this URL: Tetsuo Kotani ( is a Research Fellow at the Ocean Policy Research Foundation. […]