STX Canada Marine Design Proposal

The navy has released a PowerPoint slide presentation given by Mr. Dan McGreer, Principal Engineer for STX Canada Marine Inc., which provides one assessment of how a naval patrol vessel for operations in northern waters (AOPS) might look, given a number of design requirements. The presentation was given on an “AOPS Industry Day,” held on 13 November 2008.

The stated proposes of the presentation included the following:

  • To confirm the feasibility of the AOPS requirements;
  • To determine any ‘design drivers’; and
  • To present one possible design solution form many possibilities.

The design considerations resulted in a ship with the following basic characteristics:

  • Length (over-all): 109.6 metres
  • Breadth (over-all): 18.2 meters
  • Displacement: 6940 tons
  • Open Waters Speed: 20 knots
  • Crew of 45 plus accommodations for 40 supernumeraries
  • Ship’s Stores for 120 days’ endurance

Among the presentations many interesting conclusion are the following:

  • The sea keeping requirements were found to be feasible with limited slamming, wetness, and motion induced interruptions, no propeller emergence, and no operational restrictions; and
  • The Definition Design can be equipped with aviation facilities to support landing, stowing, refueling, and minor maintenance of one Bell 212 or 412, or Sikorsky CH148 ‘Cyclone’ helicopters.

You can find the PowerPoint slides here.