Evacuating Canadian nationals?

A recent article on extracting nationals issued from the recent Dalhousie Maritime Conference. The DFAIT speaker, backed up by Heinz Goulish (Marine Insurance and Risk Management Expert UK), showed that the Canadian evacuation was even riskier than the article below implies.

Indeed, only the Israeli Navy protected our evacuation effort at sea. The US, European, and Indian Navies protected their national evacuation efforts. Further, Canada got into the charter business late despite having one of the largest numbers of expats in Lebanon. This forced us to rely initially on two small vessels taken up from the beach side gambling cruise trade. When other nations were finished with them, we graduated to vessels from a Greek cruise line. It, Heinz Gohlish notes, had one of the spottier safety records culminating in the spectacular (some would say unbelievable) grounding of one of its lead ships, the Malta-based cruise ship MV Sea Diamond, this year.

Further, none of the vessels we hired were capable of handling even modest levels of casualties and mercifully we had none amongst the thousands we evacuated. Next, Cyprus and Turkey, the reception areas for our evacuees were close and accommodating. This raises the final point As we started late, we were not forced to also embark a large number of US and European nationals. Here the issue of the reception state is critical for if it decides to exclude any of these states for some political or diplomatic reason, Canada risks having to either abandoning these nationals or risk the having its own Canadians refused. In a charter vessel this is a problem. In a warship you can transport these "third party" nationals to the next port.

Thankfully, Senator Kenny's committee has already made many of these points. We need to keep attention on it.