An appetite suppressant for procurement? (IV)

Eugene Lang, former chief of staff to Liberal Defence Ministers John McCallum and Bill Graham, and current policy adviser to the Liberal Party of Canada asks similar questions about the policy decision to scrap the MGS in favour of the Leopard II. Curiously, he claims his former boss, Graham, let Gen. Hillier supplied the initial "vision" for the 2005 Defence Policy Statement, apparently all on his own. If that's true, what does that say about civil-military relations in Canada under the Paul Martin Liberals?
On the same day, Retired MGen. Lewis MacKenzie and Scott Taylor seem to agree that the tanks were purchased for their added protection. MacKenzie furthers the tanks-for-Afghan-terrain argument, while Taylor argues:

"The new tanks will not win the campaign in Kandahar; they will simply add more armoured protection for our soldiers, which in turn buys the mission a little more time. Increased casualties means decreased public support, and ultimately domestic politics will determine the duration of our commitment to Afghanistan."