An appetite suppressant for procurement? (II)

To echo Eric's Very nicely said comments, some of the recent fast-tracked programmes have made a lot of sense: especially in comparison with the glacial slowness of many acquisition programmes during the Jean Chretien "Decade of Darkness." Opposition defence critics would prefer the purchase of the 'paper' Airbus A - 400M 'Atlas' transport aircraft, for example, over the proven and exceptionally capable Boeing C-17 which is coming off production lines to Canada this year and next. The primary reason for acquiring defence equipment is surely for defence reasons, e.g. the wings are close to falling off our very tired and over-tasked Hercules aircraft, rather than once again squeezing the defence budget in order to subsidize Canadian aircraft manufacturers.

I agree that the correct decision has been made here with a competition for the UAV programme - in any case, there does seem to have been a rushed decision to replace the manned maritime patrol aircraft. Let us not put "the cart before the horse!"