Debating Defence and Naval Policy (XVIII)

David Perry: Ian Parker fired off a letter to the editor of the Globe and Mail which also went unpublished, making the point that:

“We are a self-declared arctic nation that cannot exercise our sovereignty, and, despite the protestations of the MND, seem to have no tangible means now or in the future to exercise our sovereignty in the arctic, although the proposed Arctic Patrol Vessel will be a positive move if it is delivered. Unfortunately, a similar situation also exists in the Atlantic and the Pacific. Cutting the navy by over twenty percent and our military maritime surveillance capability by 100 percent, for marginal savings, will cripple Canada's ability to ensure its maritime security. If this plan is approved it will have a profound impact on all Canadians as over forty percent of our trade moves by the oceans. Abandoning the security of the economic life of the country and stripping away our ability to prevent attacks or infiltration from the sea will put into question our national sovereignty.”