Debating Defence and Naval Policy (XVI)

David Perry: Richard Gimblett replied:

“Canadian warships have no law enforcement jurisdiction within Canadian waters, which is why we pack Mounties on drug busts and fisheries officers on fishery patrols. Grey hulls in the NW Passage will not accomplish what this government says it wants to do, re-capitalizing the coast guard certainly will. Therefore, we need new red hulls to do the safety of navigation and fisheries enforcement, ice-capable grey hulls to patrol the approaches, and either can pack Mounties as required.”

David Perry: To which Huebert responded, "I agree with all you say here, but none of it affects the ability of both CCG ships and HMC ships under international law to equally enforce Canadian sovereignty. What we do within that sovereignty is up to us, but it does not make or break the ability to make and sustain the claim. All that matters is to have a government vessel there."