Debating Defence and Naval Policy (VI)

David Perry: According to David Pugliese, Gordon O'Connor said that the defence strategy is not yet finished and it is inaccurate to claim the Conservatives are changing their views on the Arctic. "Defending Artic [sic] Sovereignty is part of Canada's New Government's Canada First Defence Strategy". Pugliese explained that "In his appearance before the Senate defence committee last year, Mr. O'Connor said various options, from hovercraft to icebreakers, are being examined for northern operations." Bagnall, Pugliese explained, was not the government's only critic:

“International law professor Michael Byers, who specializes in Arctic sovereignty issues, points out that during the election the Conservatives didn't talk about patrol ships. "Mr. Harper specifically mentioned armed naval heavy icebreakers," said Mr. Byers, a University of British Columbia professor. "Arctic patrol ships are not icebreakers. They’re not even close to icebreakers.”

David Perry: The two-issue debate had now gained a third dimension that would soon become even more contentious.